Creatures,  2010.

“My interest in the grotesque theme emerged 20 years ago, when I started listening to heavy metal bands that to this day I still appreciate. The language of Rock is essentially parodic, allegorical, imagetic. The monstrosity, death (represented by the skull), figures of the grotesque always form part of the visual language of the universe of Heavy Metal, and I have been immersed in this from the very beginning. My approach to the aesthetics of the grotesque occurred when I studied fine arts at university, where I found and studied many of these grotesque elements (already familiar to me) in literary and some artistic movements. Since then I have explored this theme through sculpture, my main artistlanguage. My line of research elucidates feelings suggested by sculptures of grotesque anatomies where both realism and the grotesque are explored simultaneously. In 2010 I started to do a serie of monster studies (Creatures) that resulted in a exhibition in Florianópolis, two days before I move to London”.  Jaqueline Selva Warren.

Jordu, 2010. Clay.
Clevon, 2010. Clay.
Demond, 2010. Clay.
Nosferatu, 2010. Clay.
Nyklus, 2010. Clay.
Gargoyle, 2010. Clay.
Maddox, 2010. Clay.