Jaqueline Selva Warren – Sculptor

Jaqueline was born in Florianópolis (Brazil) in 1977.  She currently lives in London, where she has continued to study and work with sculpture.

“My first interest in arts had a certain relationship with music. At fifteen, I started listening to hard rock, heavy metal and other kinds of metal, styles of music that I still enjoy. Certain things have always been characteristic of metal CDs, such as the covers and booklets containing monstrous figures, grotesque, disgusting animals such as snakes, bats, and the traditional skull. It was during this period, modelling clay skulls and monsters, that I became interested in sculpture, so I took a university degree in arts.

In 1997, at age twenty, I entered the Bachelor of Fine Arts course (with specialization in sculpture and ceramics), at UDESC – Brazil. They were incredible years, and I learned a lot, despite the predominance of theory over practice. In 2002, a year after finishing university, I took a course in Technical Implant Dentistry which I completed in 2004. During this time, I continued studying sculpture and discovering new materials and techniques, but my activity was mainly focused on dentistry. I worked for a while in this area, and at the same time I returned to the university to acquire a new degree for the teaching of arts. During this period I worked as a teacher in both public and private schools, gave private lessons, and started up my own studio (today known as Selvart Studio) where I taught art involving modelling, sculpture, ceramics, painting and mosaics to both children and adults.

One day I realised how far I had moved away from sculpturing, so in 2010 I began working with sculptures again and produced an exhibition with a series of figures called “Creatures”.

During the period that I was writing up my final university work about the life and work of HR Giger, I discovered many other incredible artists that stimulated me to study more about the grotesque. Since then, my focus has been on studying and working with sculpture and modelling.

Photography is another passion that makes up my background. In addition to courses taken in the area, in 2010 I was assistant to the photographer Wil Koetzler.” Jaqueline Selva Warren


*  UDESC,  Florianópolis – Brazil, Licentiate in Fine Arts, 2007 – 2010.

* CEPEO,  Florianópolis – Brazil, Prosthetic Dental Technician,  2002 – 2004.

*  UDESC,  Florianópolis – Brazil, Bachelor of Fine Arts (sculpture and ceramics), 1997 – 2001.

* SENAC,  Florianópolis – Brazil,  Photography Course,  1996 – 1997.



- Group Exhibition “Cumplicidade da Matéria” at UFSC Gallery, Florianópolis – Brazil; 2000. Flyer exhibition.

- Solo Exhibition “Mosaics” at Opus Espaço Cultural, Florianópolis – Brazil; 2008. Flyer exhibition.

- Solo Exhibition ” Creatures” at Selvart Studio, Florianópolis – Brazil; 2010. Flyer exhibition.

- Group  Exhibition “Beyond the Image” at Espacio Gallery, London – England; 2012. Flyer exhibition.

- Group Exhibition  at Espacio Gallery, London – England; 2013. Flyer exhibition.